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Travel Advices

Weather in the area of ​​Bali and Lombok relatively stable with minimal temperature fluctuations. The temperature here is all year around 30-32 ° C during the day and 26-28 ° C overnight. In coastal areas, is a nice cooling breeze from the sea. Year round you can wear just shirts and shorts. The dry season is from May to October. In this period, rainfall is minimal, even though there may be exceptions. In the 2010 the weather was a bit different and the almost total drought arrived. This was due to La Nina phenomenon, which resulted in significant warming of the sea and rainfall throughout the year, but that period is one of the exceptions. The rainy season is expected to increase humidity.

Indonesia has a visa requirement and is currently the visa can be obtained immediately upon arrival at the international airport in Denpasar (Bali), Jakarta (Java), or in Medan (Sumatra). Visas for the month is $ 25. If you intend to stay in Indonesia longer than 1 month (up to 2 months), so you have to deal with visa at the Indonesian Embassy in Prague. If you arrive to Indonesia for a month, then leave and travel to another country and then return, you can again buy a visa for a month. For longer stays you have the academic, social or work visas.

Water close to Nusa Penida is calm all year long, and thanks to steady winds can dive all year round. From June to October monsoon blows from the south-eastern Australia, which delivers a dry climate, but also waves. From December to March the northwest monsoon blows from the Asian mainland, bringing rainfall. During this period, the conditions may be worse just from the northern and western coasts of the Parties. Calmest months are April to May and November.

Diving on Nusa Penida is a perennial, as well as diving with manta rays. Sunfish (Mola Mola) they appear from July to October, rarely from June to mid-November. Sometimes we meet them even during their off season and usually in Toyapakeh output channel with cold shock, but such a situation can not be predicted or planned. From July to October, come to Nusa Penida and strong cold currents at depths between 15 meters 40. Such conditions are just perfect for the monthlies. Is also in this period and excellent visibility, but with few exceptions insists on Nusa Penida year. During the cold currents can occur at extreme temperatures below 20 ° C, but most of the temperature range around 21-26 ° C. From November to June, moving water temperatures around 26-30 ° C. Visibility is between 20-40 meters. The rainy season sometimes appear floating plastic garbage in Bali, but with very fast currents leave the water at Nusa Penida. Current conditions at Nusa Penida are more demanding, but with the proper timing of the dive is nothing special. It should honor the tidal conditions and in case of unsuitable habitat conditions change, or in exceptional cases, to cancel the dive. The obligation is to use marker buoys, respect and compliance guide for safe diving, which applies everywhere in the world. In this case, the water at Nusa Penida fun, friendly and relaxed!

In the cold waters of the recommended length wetsuit 5mm, hood and gloves. Penida Dive Resort has a rental of diving equipment, but we strongly recommend divers to use their own equipment! Clothing needs to be light and airy. Remember that you can buy everything in Bali, clothes, insect repellent, sunscreen, etc. Be sure to bring sports shoes and if you actually go into the mountains or on the boat, also long pants and a sweatshirt. In Bali, the liquer and wine is very expensive, so you better grab it out of the house in PET bottles or purchase during a stopover during a flight to Indonesia. Cigarettes in Indonesia are on the other hand, extremely cheap (about CZK 25 Marlboro red box), so it is unnecessary to carry supplies from home.

In Indonesia, the currency is Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), which is worth about EURO 1 = Rp 12,000 and USD 1 = Rp 9600. Fluctuates during the course of approximately a few hundred rupies. In Bali, in the tourist areas you can find ATM machines, you can get up to 2 million Rp at one time. In tourist centers and large shopping centers you can use internationalcredit card, but otherwise you have to use cash. On Nusa Penida there is no ATM. Credit cards are accepted in the office Penida Dive Resort in Sanur, where there are also ATMs. Another possibility is to pay directly into bank account. If you exchange money, enjoy the official exchange offices and avoid street money changers. You manipulate the high notes (1.000, 2.000, 5.000, 10.000, 20.000, 50.000 and 100,000 notes) and above 10,000 and 100,000 bill can be easily confused with color, so be careful when paying!

Indonesia is a complex country , there is no reason to fear for health or safety. Vaccination is no necessearyto this country and it is only recommended for typhoid fever and hepatitis. Regarding vaccination, please contact any of the provincial health office in your country. In the swampy forest areasyou may be threatened by malaria infection, but in Bali and Nusa Penida you do not need to worry. Furthermore, in recent years here in North Bali (Tulamben area attractions),therevere few cases of dengue fever, which is manifested by extreme temperatures, and its symptoms are similar to severe flu. Other problems may include biting dog, monkey or bat and threatens rabies infection. The classic accidents there are abrasions from coral, which must be immediately cleaned and disinfected, or after falls on a motorbike. On Nusa Penida is a small hospital , where primary injury can be terated, serious injuries can be treated in private international Surya Husada hospital in Denpasar. In the state Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar is the decompression of hyperbaric chambers. If necessary, the Bali government rescue unit of the SAR. Men and women traveling for sex tourism, certainly should not ignore the risk of venereal diseases, including AIDS. Bali is definitely not the palcefor buying and using drugs. In Indonesia it is illegal to use any drugs, they are extremely strict and the punishment can go from huge penalties to even death penalty for drug smugling! Bali is also very popular with the sale of "magic mushrooms"on the street .Again taking these substances is very risky affair, and we certainly do not recommend such an experience. On Nusa Penida is no crime, but in Bali it is advised to maintain safety rules and not leave valuables and larger amounts of money in the hotel rooms. You can allways use safe deposits in the reception.If you need taxi, use the blue collored ones (Blue Bird),. If you are returning to the morning from the discos and the hotel is not that far,it is better to go on foot. At night, taxi drivers like to cheat and take large amount of money of tipsy tourists for the ride. At night, the streets of Kuta are full of transvestites and prostitutes who offer their services. Often they can intoxicate tourists in purpose of stealing their belongings.Just be on carefull all the time and do not underestimate the power of drugs and alcohol.But Bali is still safe island, but the fact is that the tourist area of ​​Kuta is attracting individuals who are trying to sponge.